Engineered Flooring

Added stability with greater variety of design

Solid wood flooring has been used for hundreds of years but it only recently that the process has evolved from a craft to a science with the development of the locking systems and multi layered products.

Engineered boards are produced by adhering three layers together. The top layer being the chosen colour and design which sits on a central core normally softwood and a plywood on the bottom. These are specifically designed to be more dimensionally stable than solid boards. They can be adhered to the sub floor or can be floated on top of an underlay. The top wear layer is normally between 4 – 6 mm depending on the product.

The advantages of an engineered floor are

  • Greater stability.
  • The very best of a natural resource in the least wasteful and most practical way.
  • A product that can be laid and if floated can be uplifted and re-laid.
  • Can be used safely in conjunction with under floor heating in certain conditions.
  • A much greater range of possibilities offering single plank, two or three strip design options
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