Lacquered or Oil

As the saying goes the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and once again the chosen finish will simply be down to personal preference. UV lacquered floors generally have a higher level on sheen than oiled floors, which tend to have a matt or satin finish. There is little difference in the purchase cost between a lacquered and an oiled; therefore it will most likely be the look of the flooring that determines which finish you will choose. This said there are a number of other factors which should be taken in to consideration when taking this decision.

Lacquered hardwood floors are pretty much non maintenance. Obviously they need to be swept over with a soft broom or hovered from time to time and occasionally wiped over with a lightly moistened mop or damp cloth. Like anything the more they are used the more worn they will look and sooner or later scratches will start to appear. It is of course possible to sand and re seal your floor which in almost all circumstances will leave the floor looking brand new unless the floor has been damaged during it lifetime.

Please go to Sanding and restoration for more information on sand and sealing.

Oiled floors on the other hand are more forgiving when scratching is concerned. Although they do not offer the same resistance to scratches as a lacquered finish they can be easily treated with a light sand and a reapplication of oil.

Please go to care and maintenance for more information on maintenance products.

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