Stains are used to alter the colour of wood. (eg darkening a pine floor). Unlike paint, stains enhance the wood grain rather than hide it.

Staining and varnishing in two distinct stages is preferable to using a coloured varnish. You will maintain far greater control over the colour and enhance durability of the sealant. The gradual wearing away of the varnish or sealant will not affect the floor colour beneath.

As well as the traditional solvent and oil-based wood stains, we also use odor free, water-based pigments stains. These offer a wide range of colours from traditional wood colours to contemporary pigmenting.

Floors need to be sanded before any stain can be applied as this strips the floor back to the natural wood and allows the stain to penetrate in to the paws of the wood. Once stained we apply the top coats of lacquer which seals the colour and protects the floor. This can be a lacquered or oiled finish.

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